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This content has been developed by CANImmunize in partnership with Vaccines411.

Where can I get vaccinated?

Finding a clinic that suits your family's vaccination needs can be difficult. Vaccination administration varies across Canada. Family physicians, paediatricians, local public health units and some pharmacists are among those eligible to offer vaccination services.

Did you know that some of these health centres may only offer specialized vaccinations?

For instance, some clinics specialize in vaccinations for certain groups of individuals, such as children, adults over 50, or even travellers.

Do some research before visiting the clinic. is a reliable resource that helps locate a vaccinating clinic near you. Vaccines411 helps to link you with a healthcare provider in Canada that can administer your family's vaccinations. The resource provides information on vaccinations for infants and children, teens and adults, adults over 50, travellers, seasonal vaccines, and patients with on-site requirements. To learn more, visit

How do I know which vaccines my family and I need?

Publicly funded vaccination schedules vary across each province and territory in Canada. Click here to see a list of the publicly funded vaccinations for children and adults in your province or territory.

If you're travelling outside of Canada, your healthcare provider may recommend travel vaccinations. We have developed a list to make it easier to find out more about the infectious diseases that are common outside of Canada and their associated travel vaccines, here.

*Please Note that most travel vaccines are not covered by provincial and territorial healthcare plans.

Always reach out to your healthcare provider or local public health unit if you need help figuring out which vaccines you need.

Last updated: 01/11/2018